Visit to the Northern Koi Club 18th July 2010

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Visit to the Northern Koi Club 18th July 2010

Postby site admin on Mon Jul 19, 2010 3:28 pm

The weather forecast for the day was not good, showers and heavy rain!! As we set off without 4 members who did not turn up, and with the aid of a google map I had taken (the mini bus Sat Nav was not working?) we found our way to the first pond of the day. Also we were met by our guide for the day Tony McCann.
Pond 1. Carl and Paula’s
We were welcomed by Carl and Paula, we could immediately tell this was the breakfast stop, as we were greeted by the smell of bacon, sausage and egg.
The pond that was completed last year was home to about 30 koi which could be viewed through the window in the front of the pond, Carl admitted that the pond had some clarity issues but was more than likely down the pond maturing.
One koi that will be residing in this pond, is a Shiro Utsuri that Paula had secured on the NKC visit to North Wales from our emigrating Chairman, be assured Martin it will be well looked after in a great pond.
Carl and Paula 1.JPG
Carl and Paula 1.JPG (89.75 KiB) Viewed 9253 times

Carl and Paula 2.JPG
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Pond 2. Trevor Fielding.
In North Wales we are used to hills and a bit of climbing, to get to Trevor’s pond we almost had to get the climbing ropes out? After many flights of steps we arrived at a decking overlooking the pond which is 10ft deep, the shear amount of work too move the spoil to create the pond and landscape the garden must have been enormous.
The water quality and clarity of this pond was amazing, a sure testament that the filters are doing their job. Some really sizable Koi were present with a very nice Goshiki, but the one that took our eye was a superb Kaneko Shiro Utsuri the white just stood out from the other koi even from the depths of the pond.
Trevor Fielding 1.JPG
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Trevor Fielding 2.JPG
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Pond 3. Alan and Anne’s.
After quite a scenic journey on which our guide decided to test the suspension on the mini-bus by taking us down a cobbled street which happened to be a cul-de-sac?
This pond was quite unique as it is sited completely inside the conservatory, with views out on to a superbly landscaped garden which used the natural contours of the land. The landscaping was done using stone and gravel to create a dry river bed.
As the pond was enclosed within the conservatory the temperature of the pond was kept stable, and the Koi obviously are enjoying this. Many of the Koi were purchased when Alan and Anne visited Japan a few years ago.
Alan and Anne 1.JPG
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Alan and Anne 2.JPG
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Pond 4. Dave and Audrey’s.
This also involved another scenic journey, I was beginning to think how far north does the Northern Koi Club go and might have to enlist one of our members to interpret if we went any further to the north.
Dave and Audrey’s garden was superb with amazing Acers,Pines and Bonsai. The pond was home to some very nice tame koi,which would hand feed and the clarity of the water very good.
Apparently quite a few of the Koi were won from the NKC raffles, good koi for the price of a raffle ticket!
Dave and Audrey 1.JPG
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Dave and Audrey 2.JPG
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Pond 5. Geoff and Chrissie’s
This pond has been talking point within the NKC for quite a few years for the length of time it had taken to build it, and not knowing what we had in store when we arrived.
We were very quiet for a while at shear prospect of building a pond to this kind of standard, the amount of thought that had gone into the design and layout of the filter house was something you would only see in an industrial plant room.
The pond and landscaping was the kind of thing you would see in a Japan hobbyist’s garden, with Acers and a lovely waterfall, and with a little more time for the garden to mature it will be absolutely superb.
Another building at the top of the garden housed a tank and filter system that we thought was a growing on tank, apparently not this was just a Quarantine tank?
Geoff and Chrissie 1.JPG
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Geoff and Chrissie 2.JPG
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Pond 6. Tony and Sue’s.
Having visited Tony and Sue on a few occasions over a number of years, it always leaves me in complete amazement of the shear size and quality of their koi.
The pond is situated inside a purpose built conservatory with seating arranged for viewing the koi, it quite unusual to see the koi disappear from view under the floor as the pond extends out under the floor only to reappear at the other end.
The filter house is situated along side the pond and access is gained from the outside, an additional for sale pond is also located at this level, and one of the NWKC members had a dip in here and came away with a very nice Hariwake and a Shusui.
Tony and Sue 1.JPG
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Tony and Sue 2.JPG
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We were all then treated to a superb buffet, to set us on our way back to North Wales.
I would like to thank the Northern Koi Club for their hospitality for which had been a superb day, and it did not rain!
Thank you to Tony McCann for being the guide, cobbled streets and all.

Dave Wilson
NWKC Secretary.
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Re: Visit to the Northern Koi Club

Postby roselanekoi on Tue Jul 20, 2010 7:58 pm


Excellent report of a day I enjoyed very much. Being a member of the Northern Koi Club as well as North Wales I was especially pleased to see the ponds of Carl & Paula, Trevor Fielding and Geoff & Chrissie as I had never visited any of these before.

I'd heard so much about the 5 years it had taken Geoff & Chrissie to complete their pond and all the sagas along the way but it was certainly time well spent when you see the finished result,

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Re: Visit to the Northern Koi Club

Postby ian m on Wed Jul 21, 2010 7:22 am

Must admit a cracking set of ponds, all individual in the own way and a very enjoyable day out for all that made it from North Wales. Thanks to all fror opening there ponds and the hospitality.

ian m
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