Visit to Liverpool Koi Society June 2007

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Visit to Liverpool Koi Society June 2007

Postby site admin on Wed Jan 09, 2008 5:09 pm

Paul and Karen’s pond is 1800 gallons constructed of block with a liner and a nice waterfall feature, although only keeping Koi for 5yrs they have built up a nice collection of koi.
These are soon to be re-homed prior to moving house, where a much larger pond will be constructed if Paul has his way!
Paul and Karen's Pond.JPG
Paul and Karen's Pond.JPG (69.28 KiB) Viewed 6209 times

Ken and Brenda’s lovely garden and pond of 6,000 gallons was the second pond that we visited.
Ken has kept koi for about 20yrs. He has over this time put together a great selection of quality large koi from Top Breeders. Nexus and a Bead Filter is the main filtration. Unfortunately Ken has decided to retire from Koi keeping, and his entire stock of quality Koi are up for sale.
One of the NWKS members made a very significant purchase, a superb kohaku which had won prizes in Japan and is featured in Japanese koi magazine.

Ken and Brenda's Pond.JPG
Ken and Brenda's Pond.JPG (73.2 KiB) Viewed 6193 times

Austin and Diane’s pond is constructed
In-ground is around 2700 gallons which
is set in a nicely landscaped garden.
Has twin waterfalls as the returns from the
Filtration which use’s a sieve and then through a bead filter. This is obviously is
Working very well as water is crystal clear and the koi are thriving.
Austin and Diane's Pond.JPG
Austin and Diane's Pond.JPG (71.21 KiB) Viewed 6195 times

Les and Sue’s lovely garden and pond was the lunch stop. The pond constructed of block and then fibre-glassed, with waterfall.
and a well constructed pergola over.
The filter system was a sieve fed into a bead filter, the result of this was that the clarity of the 3200gallons was amazing.
A nice feature waterfall has been made
using Perspex.
Some large and friendly quality koi were
Les and Sue's  Pond.JPG
Les and Sue's Pond.JPG (77.12 KiB) Viewed 6189 times

Vic and Pat’s pond is filtered
by a bubble bead filter, the pond was
also covered by a pergola.
An artistic koi mural was on the back wall of the pond. The koi looked very content
in the 5000gallons of crystal clear water.
Vic and Pat were away on holiday, the pond was being looked after by their son,
who kindly opened their pond for our visit.
Vic and Pat's pond.JPG
Vic and Pat's pond.JPG (71.57 KiB) Viewed 6194 times

Finally the Liverpool Koi Society treated us to a fine buffet, which was nice end to a great Day out. There was also a raffle which the NWKS dominated the prizes, with one lucky person winning six prizes! I would like to thank Paul Edgar for being guide for the day and also Liverpool and District KS for their hospitality. I hope we can return the same to them in the near future.

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