Visit to the Wirral Koi Society May 2008

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Visit to the Wirral Koi Society May 2008

Postby site admin on Mon May 26, 2008 8:34 pm

Keith Platt

Newly constructed pond , on the site of the original, round pond, The new pond is some 3700 gallons with a unique waterfall that flows from the veggie filter.
The koi seem very happy in their new surroundings, especially the showa that almost tries to eat its owner.
Keith Platt 2.JPG
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Keith Platt3.JPG
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Peter Bruffell
Peters pond is 3000 gallons, with a veggie filter filtering the water back into the pond,
after being filtered through K1 and Japanese matting. The 17 koi some which are a considerable size seem very happy with their home.
Peter Bruffell1.JPG
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Peter Bruffell2.JPG
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Gordon Little

Gordons pond is situated within a lovely landscaped garden in which there are some specimen Acers, Gordon says the garden is down to his wife’s green fingers, the pond is his, the 2500 gallon pond is situated within a gazebo which enables the koi to be viewed and enjoyed what ever the weather.
Gordon Little1.JPG
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Gordon Little2.JPG
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Graham Roberts

The newly constructed pond of 1500 gallons, is home to some nice Koi and happy family of goldfish. The pond is filtered by two easy pods, the pond is conveniently placed just outside the conservatory
for viewing the koi.
Most of the visitors spent more time in the conservatory ,eating Strawberries, Apple Strudel and fresh cream, which went down very well!!
Graham Roberts1.JPG
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Graham Roberts2.JPG
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Brian Norman

Brians pond is two ponds connected together by a waterfall ,small koi in the top pond and goldfish in the lower. The main pond however is filtered by an easy pod and some nice koi are in evidence.
Brian Norman1.JPG
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Brian Norman2.JPG
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Angies Pond

This pond is situated in a very nice gazebo, planted with exotic plants and it felt very tropical. The pond is 2700 gallons and filtered by a Nexus easy, some quality koi were very content with their surroundings.
I did offer a good home to a rather nice Showa , but my request fell on deaf ears.
Angie 1.JPG
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Angie 2.JPG
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We were then treated to a fine buffet, which was a great end to round the day off.

Many thanks to the Wirral Koi Society for their hospitality

Dave Wilson
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