Visit to Birmingham and West Midlands Koi Society July 2009

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Visit to Birmingham and West Midlands Koi Society July 2009

Postby site admin on Wed Jul 29, 2009 2:49 pm

The two Rogers met us just off the M6, and explained that the 6 ponds they had lined up for us had never been used for pond visits before. They didn’t exactly say “please be gentle with them……..” but almost. Lol!
They needn’t have been worried. The pond six Virgin owners did the club proud!
Pond 1 – 3,800 gallons, Butyl Liner
Roger & Julie Williams

A lovely Main pond with sophisticated filter system, along with a “Hospital pond”. All housed within a superbly constructed decking area with bridge, and elegant timber frame supporting mesh to keep Herons away from around 60 Koi !

The whole garden was delightful with plants, shrubs and ornaments.
B&WMKS laid on a hearty breakfast and set us up for a day of excellent Koi and beautiful ponds.
Thank you Roger and Julie. If the rest of the ‘Pond visit Virgins’ are as good as this one, we’re in for a treat!
Pond 1 B&WMKS.jpg
Pond 1 B&WMKS.jpg (82.04 KiB) Viewed 6969 times

Pond 2 - Irregular, liner pond
Andy & Julie Griffiths

Once again, a lovely garden with a ground level pond complete with little wooden bridge. The filter was housed in a………well in a house! A small wooden house to be precise, complete with water wheel.
The pond was stocked with about 20 Koi and orfe, my favourite being a lovely Soragoi.
Pond 2 B&WMKS.jpg
Pond 2 B&WMKS.jpg (88.66 KiB) Viewed 6969 times

Pond 3 – 4,500 gallon, Fibre glassed formal
Leanne and Sue Betney

Immaculate garden with an attractive raised, square shaped pond. About 30 Koi cruised around their lovely ‘home’. Many of the koi were stunning, and Leanne and Sue are to be to be congratulated on their obvious skill and devotions to Koi keeping. The filtration system was very neat with a BD feeding a Vortex then Nexus 300.
Pond 3 B&WMKS.jpg
Pond 3 B&WMKS.jpg (75.16 KiB) Viewed 6970 times

Pond 4 – Formal raised, Fibre glassed
Steve & Lynne Hemmings

Several things about this pond and garden stick in my mind.
• Crystal clear water
• Huge viewing window
• Stunning Shusui and Beni Kumunryu
• Fantastic Lilies in the Vegetable filter
• Running water feature the entire length of the garden
• Steve’s Cakes !

I’m beginning to think that some of these Virgins are more experienced than than they let on!
Pond 4 B&WMKS.jpg
Pond 4 B&WMKS.jpg (85.13 KiB) Viewed 6969 times

Pond 5 – L shaped Fibre glassed, with Viewing Orb !
Martin Burt

We had a few problems finding somewhere to park, but the pond was worth the wait. Martin had made a fantastic job of his pond, pergola and decking. The Koi looked very happy, and even swam up into Martin’s floating viewing orb. Fantastic fun!
Pond 5 B&WMKS.jpg
Pond 5 B&WMKS.jpg (77.71 KiB) Viewed 6972 times

Pond 6 – Raised Kidney shaped, Fibre glassed 13,800 gallons
Richard and Barbara Burt

OK, if this pond is a Virgin…………………I’m going celibate!
Stunning, Stunning, Stunning.
Filter house made from an old WW II air raid shelter. Water fall, 2 Nexus 300, Bonsai, landscaped garden……………………..breath taking all round!
Pond 6 B&WMKS.jpg
Pond 6 B&WMKS.jpg (79.45 KiB) Viewed 6972 times

A huge thank you to the entire B&WMKS team for organising a memorable day for us “Taffs”. I had to depart before the Buffet evening meal, but I believe it followed the trend of the rest of the day. Great !

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