Visit to East Midlands Koi Club Sept 2008

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Visit to East Midlands Koi Club Sept 2008

Postby site admin on Mon Sep 29, 2008 12:23 pm

Considering the fact that we're approaching the end of the 2008 Koi
calendar, things are still pretty hectic in the NWKS diary.
On Sunday 21st Sept, we visited a few of the members of the East Midlands Koi Club and Richdon Koi
9 NWKS members made the trip. It would have been more than 9,
but I B****ed up on my mid week 'phone around' to remind
folk, and missed Steve Rogers off my list. Sorry Steve. I owe you a trip to the East Mids & Richdon.
Our trip was pretty straight forward, and the 2 cars had time to pull in for Coffee and Mac D's breakfast near Stoke.

First pond was Martin Barnett's (a.k.a Mushio). 7000 gallons, with Block filters, 2 windows
and some of the best Koi you'll see in the UK.
Mushio bowled several of his Show winners for a closer look,
and also gave us some insight into what makes a Good koi,
and what makes a Great one.
Damien.JPG (55.52 KiB) Viewed 5899 times

Mushio's hospitality also extended to sharing his other passion with several NWKS members. Marston's Pedigree!
You watch this pint disappear.JPG
You watch this pint disappear.JPG (60.5 KiB) Viewed 5911 times

Mushio and his wife Ronnie then took us to Darren Turner's pond (a.k.a. Dazza / Maxamber).
Dazza was unavailable as he plays footie, so his wife Emma looked after us.
The pond is about a year old, again with Block filters
and a huge window. Again, there were quite a few show winners in this pond.
Huge window.JPG
Huge window.JPG (58.43 KiB) Viewed 5904 times

Darren's Pond.JPG
Darren's Pond.JPG (74.64 KiB) Viewed 5901 times

Pond number 3 was owned by Mike (Burnsey) and Julie Burns. A lovely pond and garden, with some terrific koi.
Burnsey's Pond.JPG
Burnsey's Pond.JPG (83.84 KiB) Viewed 5904 times

There was also a huge Sterlet swimming around,
looking like something out of Jurassic park. Mike works at Richdon
Koi, and as Richard and Donna were away on holiday in the Maldives, Mike was working that weekend.

Final stop was Richdon Koi. We were met by Burnsey and Greg Sutton. Greg showed several of us around the 50,000 gallon pond
in the poly tunnel where some terrific Tosai are being grown on
We also got to see the Block built filters that keep the 21,000 gallon display pond sparkling.
Greg has kindly agreed to judge our Photo Show this year.
There is no truth to the rumour that several NWKS enquired
about how much Greg would require as a bribe!!! LOL!

The discounts on offer at the main fish house tempted at least one member to buy a koi, whilst the rest of us made do with dry goods.
Happy band at Richdon.JPG
Happy band at Richdon.JPG (80.92 KiB) Viewed 5904 times

A great day out, with superb weather and wonderful koi.
Thanks to Mushio and Ronnie for spending the time to show us around.

Martin Rocliffe and Dave Wilson
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