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Bog Garden

Posted: Thu Mar 03, 2011 12:28 pm
by site admin
Caltha Palustris, common name King Cup.
Equisetum Japonica, common name Puddle Plant or Barred Horsetail
can also be know as The Dutch os Scouring Rush. This is avery primitive plant that dates back to the carboniferous peroid, which makes the plant at least 290 million years old. The Japanese boiled and dried this plant and used it for polishing wood, hence its name of scouring rush.
Alisma Plantago-Aquatica, common name Water Plantain (USA known as Mad Dog weed).
Hemerocallis , common name Day Lily or Ditch Lily, it has spread throughout USA and Canada via watercourses and is now an indigenous species. The flowers are edible, the Americans dip them in batter and fry them.
Mysotis Scorpioidies, common name Water Forget-me-not, this must be planted in a container otherwise it will spread quickly.
Iris Sibirica,common name Siberian Iris,Prefers acid soil. Lots of people grow them in their bog garden but beware... the seeds are highly poisonous containing glycoside iridin which is a resinoid.
Iris Pseudacorus, common name Yellow Flag, this plant is now widely used by water authorities because of its ability to take up heavy metals and sewerage waste.
Iris Pallida,it is the souce of Orris Root which after drying is one of the ingredients of Sapphire Bombay Gin, the gin is watered down to its strength of 40% with water from Lake Vyrnwy.
Sagittaria sagittaria, common name Arrowhead also known as Duck potatoe.
Caltha Palustris,common name Marsh Marigold. This plant must not be used where fish can graze on it. A warning as every part of this plant can irritate the skin, therefore should always be handled with care.

Phil Lunt