Spring is nearly here!

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Re: Spring is nearly here!

Postby pollygog on Fri Mar 01, 2019 11:10 am


So braver notes the storm-cock sings
To start the rusted wheel of things,
And brutes in field and brutes in pen
Leap that the world goes round again.

From 'A Shropshire Lad'
By A.E.Housman

I would imagine we have all heard if not seen the storm-cock or Missel Thrush Housman refers to, singing boldly regardless of the wind and rain from the top of a tall tree at this time of the year.
It about sums up the average blustery March!
We seem to have more Missel thrushes than Song thrushes around here, particularly St Asaph.

On my daily frog removal yesterday I saw a strange sight, a frog swimming upside down along the bottom of my Koi pond and repeatedly dashing its back against the bottom. I netted it out and found a male frog clinging tenaciously to the back of a quite large female toad! Luckily his arms weren't long enough to lock his fingers together in plexus around his unwilling amour, I think I saved him a rough ride.
Curious to know what a frog/toad cross would be called: A Froad? or a Trog?
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Re: Spring is nearly here!

Postby pollygog on Sat Mar 02, 2019 4:47 pm

Here is a sequel to yesterdays post of a frog and toad attempting to mate, an amphibian gang bang! I hauled this lot out of my pond early yesterday morning.
It's a large female toad with a large male frog on her back and a male toad locked onto his back; to top it all, another male frog is firmly attached underneath!

I celebrated St David's day by fly fishing with Nigel at Wal Goch Nanerch, one of the nicest places we fish at and an added bonus of a nice 3lb rainbow toward the end of the session. It's so nice to see the lake coming to life at the end of the winter, pussy willow catkins and yellow celandine in flower, even dandelions in flower everywhere and of course lots of daffodils, on such a nice day!
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Re: Spring is nearly here!

Postby roselanekoi on Sun Mar 10, 2019 9:44 am

Friday no sign of any frogspawn in my small wildlife pond, is there going to be any this year?
Saturday lots of frogspawn.
Sunday wake up to a covering of snow. Crazy weather we've been having this year, in the space of a week we've gone from early summer, back to spring and now winter has returned.
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Re: Spring is nearly here!

Postby pollygog on Mon Mar 11, 2019 11:32 am

Snow? we haven't had any this time around, you must have been just lucky over there Colin. Judging by the pic's sent in to Derek on the BBC Welsh weather, everybody else did though!
I took a photo of my bottom wildlife pond on the 2nd March when I thought the frogs had finished, they carried on to the 9th, see pic's below, in the second photo the earlier frogspawn has sunk in places as it hatches leaving masses of tiny 'c' shaped embryo tadpoles clinging to the top, the later frogspawn is massed at the back of pond.
This is the pond I transferred all the frogs and toads into from my filter and Koi pond over past three or four weeks. The frogs have now all but vanished and the toads pretty much too, the odd one appearing in the Koi pond or Nexus. On cue though, the newts have appeared hungry as ever and starting on the hatching tadpoles in the smaller overflow pond were it gets more sun.
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