Spring is nearly here!

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Re: Spring is nearly here!

Postby roselanekoi on Sat Jan 12, 2019 9:15 pm

The climate would seem to be a lot milder in Trefnant than it is in Mynydd Isa, the daffs here are a long way off flowering.

After it being on my to-do list for a while I finally got around to cleaning out my little wildlife pond. I scooped out enough leaves, windfall apples and pears etc. to fill 3 number 35litre tubs. The water was minging so I ended up pumping the water to waste and refilling by syphoning water from the koi pond. I returned two fat frogs to the water so maybe this year they'll have a nice clean pond to spawn in.
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Re: Spring is nearly here!

Postby pollygog on Sun Jan 13, 2019 4:33 pm

Good to hear you still have healthy frogs Colin, I read last week that they are now down by 70%, that's a serious decline. I have fished two more live frogs out of my Nexus in the past week, they get into bottom drain in pond to overwinter then get pulled/flushed up 4" pipe and into Nexus.
I noticed yesterday that the witch hazel bush (Hamamelis) at the back of my pond is now in full perfumed flower and also a Japanese quince in the top shrubbery has bright orangey red flowers on it, mind you, despite this very mild weather we've enjoyed here since Christmas, there's still plenty of time for lots of snow though!
We have a cock pheasant regularly come in our garden since we re-started the bird feeding in autumn, he has a particularly wide white collar so is easily recognised, one day last week he fed for a couple of hours under feeders then flew up to the top of our wooden arbour seat, sat down, tucked his head under his wing:
and fell asleep!
How relaxed was that!
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Re: Spring is nearly here!

Postby roselanekoi on Thu Jan 17, 2019 9:12 pm

I've started demolishing the small pond in my back yard and when I pumped the water out what did I find in the few inches of water left in the bottom but two small koi around 6 and 8 inches long. Both were very dark like common carp which is why I've never seen them but they've survived for two years with no filtration and been living off the natural bugs and grubs you get in a natural pond. They are now residing in my growing on tank in the shed.

Yesterday as I was breaking out the back wall I disturbed about 15 very small frogs hibernating in the gravel between the pond wall and the garden wall. These were obviously some of last years tadpoles and have all been transferred to my newly cleaned out wildlife pond, hopefully to survive the winter.
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