Added on: April 28th, 2008

UV or No UV

To use UV (Ultraviolet) or not is a hotly debated subject, here are some of my findings:

Last year I ran my pond almost till the end of September without having my UV switched on, the water did not go really green until late on that month.

My thinking behind this is when the breeders in Japan put the Koi into the mud ponds for the Summer, the nutrients locked up in the mud enhance the skin of the koi. You only have to look at the vibrancy of the Koi when they are harvested.

These are photo’s of the Autumn Dainichi harvest.
832.jpg 835.jpg

If we treat our ponds in a similar way, that is conditioning the water using nutrients and clay. I certainly noticed a difference in depth of beni (red) in my Koi last year.
016.JPG 023.JPG

So if you have a well filtered and mature pond, why not give it go.
The worst that can happen, is that you cannot see your Koi.

I believe that a UV destroys more than what we think, the microscopic
critters that the Koi graze on also get sapped along with the algae.

Dave Wilson

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