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Koi Photographic Competition Results

North Wales Koi Society Photo Show Awards 2007

Tuesday 4th September saw the long awaited award ceremony for the North Wales Koi Society Photo Show 2007. The night also heralded the return to monthly Club meetings for the NWKS after the summer break, and a test run for the new venue, “The Travellers” near Caerwys. Most of the NWKS members turned out to support the event and to congratulate the winners and their magnificent Koi.

The Koi Photo show was organised by Dave Wilson and Martin Rocliffe with 46 Koi from 13 member’s ponds taking part. Two photos of each Koi along with details of Size, Variety and category where judged by Koi expert Tony McCann (Your Koi). Care had been taken to maintain fairness throughout by using the same camera, measuring bowl (sterilized between uses) & lighting for all photographs. Anonymity of each Koi and the owner was also maintained to prevent bias.

NWKS would like to take this opportunity to say a sincere “Thank you” to Tony and Sue McCann as well as the companies that kindly sponsored prizes awarded on the night:

Richdon Koi

Grand Champion

Nutrikoi Performance Food

Evolution Aqua

Best Adult & Best Jumbo

EA One & Freshwater Shrimp

Koi Magazine

Best Baby & Club Champion

Koi Magazine subscription

Koi Carp Magazine

Various Categories

Koi Carp ‘T Shirts’

The 2007 NWKS Grand Champion was won by club Secretary Colin Jones with a magnificent 70cm Kohaku (Breeder Momotaro).

The Club Champion Koi was voted for on the night by NWKS members using anonymous, ‘Un-sized’ photos of each Koi. Interestingly, the GC only managed 2nd place, with Ian Mooney’s 29cm Richdon Exclusive Kohaku (placed 3rd in Baby Koi category) winning the Club Champion Rosette and a year’s subscription to Koi Magazine.

Congratulations to Ian Mooney for this and also scooping up 1st Prizes for both Best Adult Gosanke and Non-Gosanke.

Dave Wilson won the Best Baby Koi with a 32cm Richdon Exclusive Kohaku.

All these winning Koi were from Richdon Koi.

The top Jumbo Koi Gosanke & Non-Gosanke awards were won by a 62cm Matsunosuke Kohaku owned by Paul Grocott and a 85cm Chagoi owned by Colin Jones.

One of the most popular awards was the TATI-Koi award (Top Aesthetically Troubled Individual Koi). Phil & Cynthia Lunt’s “ugly duckling” Showa won the coveted Wooden spoon to rapturous applause from the audience. This particular Koi and the TATI-Koi award sums up much of what NWKS stands for. “Koi keeping with an emphasis on Fun!”

The Best Novelty Koi category gave some of the less well known Koi varieties a chance to shine, with David (Jock) Wilson’s Matsuba eventually winning out. Allan & Kath Lamb’s Doitsu and Paul Grocott’s home bred Ochiba ran a close second and third.

Our thanks once again to all NWKS members that entered Koi, and to our Sponsors and Judges. The Photo Show was a great success fulfilling the goals of encouraging members to “Show” their Koi, have Fun and also raise a few pounds for the NWKS coffers.

Please don’t ask me about what our plans are for next year’s show. I need a few months rest !!

Martin Rocliffe

NWKS Koi Photo Show 2007 Award Winners







Grand Champion



Colin Jones


Yumi Koi. 6yrs old

Best Baby



Dave Wilson


Richdon Koi

Best Adult Gosanke



Ian Mooney


Richdon Koi

Best Adult Non-Gosanke



Ian Mooney

Richdon Koi

Best Jumbo Gosanke



Paul Grocott



9yrs old

Best Jumbo Non-Gosanke



Colin Jones


DJ Koi. 15yrs old

Best Novelty Koi



David (Jock) Wilson

NWKS Club Champion



Ian Mooney


Richdon Koi

NWKS Friendship Award

Ken Williams

Ken was voted for by vast majority of NWKS members as the Club member always ready lend helping hand. A font of knowledge and a real Gent!

Grand Champion 70cm Kohaku owned by Colin Jones - breeder Momotaro supplied by Yume Koi

Grand Champion

Club Champion 29cm Kohaku owned by Ian Mooney - breeder Exclusive supplied by Richdon Koi

Club Champion

Adult Go-Sanke Champion 44cm Showa owned by Ian Mooney - breeder Isa supplied by Richdon Koi

Adult Go Sanke Champion

Adult non-Gosanke Champion 39cm Goromo owned by Ian Mooney - breeder Kaneko supplied by Richdon Koi

Adult non gosanke

Baby Champion 32cm Kohaku owned by Dave Wilson - breeder Exclusive supplied by Richdon Koi
Baby Champion

Jumbo Go-Sanke Champion 62cm Kohaku owned by Paul Grocott -breeder Matsunosuke supplied by Infiltration

Jumbo Go Sanke

Jumbo Non Go Sanke Champion 85cm Chagoi owned by Colin Jones supplied by DJ Koi

Jumbo non go Sanke


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