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Koi Photographic Competition 2008 Results

Photo Show 2008

On Tuesday night 4th November, many of the NWKS members gathered for the annual Photo Show awards night at the Farmer’s Arms’, Rhuallt. Throughout September & October Dave S Wilson had been ’snapping away’ at koi from 13 separate ponds. In total 46 fish were photographed, totalling nearly 200 meters worth of Baby, Adult and Jumbo Koi !

Over the past few years NWKS has been lucky enough to establish close ties with several companies involved with Koi keeping.

Evolution Aqua
Richdon Koi
Koi Magazine
Koi Carp Magazine

Once again our commercial friends came up trumps by donating prizes for our Photo Show, so a big Thank you to them all.

Evolution Aqua (Mike Shaw) donated two Airtech 90 air pumps and 4 tubs of EA Show and EA Health foods which were awarded to the First places & Runners up in the Adult Gosanke and Adult Non Gosanke categories as well as Grand Champion.

Richard and Donna Jones from Richdon Koi offered several tubs of their superb Nutrikoi Paste, Performance and Growth Koi foods which were awarded to the Baby, Jumbo and Novelty Koi classes.

Koi Magazine provided annual subscriptions to their magazine for the Winners of the “Chairman’s Choice” section.

Koi Carp Magazine provided the Winner and Runner up of the NWKS Friendship Award 12 months subscription to the magazine.

Our competition was judged by Greg Sutton who people may know as a moderator from the bulletin board. Greg has a wealth of knowledge about Koi health, varieties and judging. Despite the distance from Greg’s home in the Midlands to N Wales he insisted on being there on the night to present the awards and provide helpful summaries & advice. A superb effort and much appreciated.

The evening went off fantastically, with the usual banter and good humour from the audience aimed mainly at the Master of Ceremonies (i.e. Me!) and some of the Winners.

Some of the winning koi were of a size and quality that many of us only dream of, and were perhaps out of the price range of many hobbyists. Interestingly though, many of our winning Koi and the Runners up from the smaller size categories were from the ‘Bargain basement’ tanks of various Koi dealers. It just goes to prove that a Koi costing around £50 can be brought on to a size and quality that can win prizes at club level. I fully expect to see some of the placed Baby and Adult koi winning the NWKS Jumbo or GC in the future.
Congratulations and “da iawn” for our winners and a huge North Wales Koi Society “Diolch yn fawr” Thank you to our sponsors for their continued support.

Martin Rocliffe
Chairman NWKS

Grand Champion 74cm Kohaku owned by Colin Jones

Gosanke Champion 45cm Showa owned by Dave S.Wilson.

Non Gosanke Champion 47cm Shiro Utsuri owned by Dave(jock)Wilson.

Baby Champion 33cm Kohaku owned by Colin Jones

Jumbo Champion 66cm Shiro Utsuri owned by Colin Jones

Club Champion 47cm Showa owned by Dave S.Wilson

Novelty Koi 37cm Doistu Sanke owned by Martin Rocliffe.

Chairmans Choice Gosanke 51cm Kohaku owned by Steve Rogers

Chairmans Choice non Gosanke 50cm Kujaku owned by Robert Ford.


  1. j elston September 26, 2009

    well done Dave on your presentation of the photographic competition. like your news.will call again. J.

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  3. j elston September 26, 2009

    found your results photographic competition. well done Dave. J.

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