Added on: December 27th, 2010

Koi News from Down Under

Anywhere in the World…..”Koi People are Nice People”

My wife Mags and I arrived in Sydney on Dec12th ready to start a new Life “Down Under”. Moving anywhere new can be stressful and quite daunting as you have to start making new acquaintances and friends. Let me tell you that moving to the other side of the World is an even bigger challenge!

However, within a week of touching down, we were invited to a BBQ by Kate McGill. Kate is a Internationally acclaimed ZNA Koi judge and author of several Koi books and magazine articles. She and her partner Ian Andrews have a fabulous 6,000 gallon pond and growing on tank, in a beautifully kept garden and House to the West of Sydney.

Also at the BBQ was Gerard McDonald and his partner Kazuyo. They both play a major role in the running of the Northern NSW branch of the KSA, as well as visiting and judging in Japan, China and S Africa.

I soon got to hear about the Koi breeding and auctions that take place here in NSW, as well as the KSA Branch set up. I cannot wait to buy my own House and build ‘Rocliffe Koi Pond Mk II’, so that I can enjoy these new facets of the Hobby and get stuck into the Aussie Koi World.

Kate and Ian’s Koi collection was impressive! Anyone that tells you that Aussie Koi are inferior to those in UK ponds should watch out! I would be proud to own any of the Koi I saw. The non-Go Sankes particularly were as good as any I’ve seen. And with plenty of my personal favourites (Hi Utsuri) on display, my day was made for sure.


The food at the BBQ was spectacular with Ian rustling up some of the best Steaks I’ve ever eaten, and the Kangaroo fillet was fabulous too. Not to be outdone, Kate produced an absolutely wicked Pavlova ! To say we were made to feel very welcome would be an understatement, and just goes to prove that where ever you are in the World,
“Koi People are Nice people”.

Happy Koi Keeping

Martin Rocliffe

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