Added on: January 23rd, 2011

Koi Auction Australia Style

KSA. Koi, Sunshine & Auctions

The other day I was invited along to one of the Koi auctions run by the Koi Society of Australia (KSA). The Sun shone, and the Koi looked terrific!

In NSW and WA many of the Koi Hobbyist breed their own Koi, and very successfully I might add, in terms of numbers and quality of Koi.

Like all Koi keepers, they have limited pond space. So the KSA holds abut 8 Koi auctions a year in NSW so that members can sell off their spare Koi and continually strive to improve their collections. Koi from 7.5cm upwards are brought along on the day by members. They are inspected by Committee members and then auctioned off in Lots of either single larger Koi or bowls full of smaller Koi. The whole process is well executed and ran like well oiled machine. Gerard McDonald sat up on his auctioneers’ high-chair like a Tennis Umpire whilst Kate, Ian and the other KSA members moved the Vats around, bagged the Koi up and collected the money.


These Auction serve as a great opportunity for members of the general public to purchase good quality, healthy Koi too. I suspect many of the people that I saw bidding for Koi will soon be members of one of the branches of the KSA as the Koi bug bites them!
It was great to see many youngsters there asking Mum and Dad for a few Dollars to buy some small Koi. I suspect they’ll get as much pleasure from raising their fish as they would have done from a Computer Game or iPod down load for the same money.


The KSA raised a few Thousand Dollars to help fund the Club, and even though the average price per Vat was down from the auction held back in Dec 2010, I think all the sellers were happy too. I managed t resist purchasing any koi, but I did succumb to the urge to buy a Steak sandwich being sold by the committee ‘chefs’ over on the BBQ.


Happy Koi keeping

Martin Rocliffe

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