Added on: March 10th, 2008

Jasper Kuijper from Evolution Aqua


The North Wales Koi Society marked its return to holding monthly meetings at the “Farmer’s Arms” pub, Rhaullt with a superb presentation given by Jasper Kuijper, Commercial Director for Evolution Aqua (EA).

The club has enjoyed the support of EA in the past with sponsorship of the Koi Photo Show and of course technical advice for members using NEXUS, EazyPod etc. Jasper’s talk was a much anticipated bonus.

Great Turn out

Turn out on the night was one of the club’s best for a long time, reinforcing the NWKS passion for Koi and friendliness.

Kaldnes K1, Eazy, Nexus and Cetus

Jasper covered a variety of topics including the new developments in Filtration and Koi Food. The level of research and design that has obviously gone into Kaldnes K1, Eazy, Nexus and Cetus is absolutely mind blowing!

Slides and video were used to show detailed explanations of Bio-film development on the surface of K1, the mechanical trapping of waste by the Eazy, and the fascinating possibility of linking a Cetus sieve in line with a Nexus 300 using a balance pipe.

There was also some discussion around whether our basic assumption of Bacterial colonisation of filters by Nitrosomonas and Nitrobacter is correct. We may need to rewrite the Books!

Some of the photos and data Jasper showed us on the topic of Koi food and Koi growth & development were brilliant.

With the NWKS ‘Grow and Show‘ competition scheduled for June, we’ll all be employing Jasper’s recommendations to achieve maximum growth from our Richdon supplied Kohaku.

Many thanks Jasper and Evolution Aqua!


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