Added on: September 28th, 2008

NWKC 2008-2009 Grow and Show Selection Day

The NWKS Grow and Show (G&S) Selection Day; thankfully the meticulous planning paid off.

On Saturday 21st, Dave S Wilson and Ian Mooney drove down to Richdon Koi and collected our

16 Exclusive Kohaku

They also came away with various Dry Goods for other club members and one or two Koi for themselves. By the time Dave & Ian arrived at my house on Saturday afternoon, the Quarantine tank was ready and waiting, along with several large bowls of purified and aerated water for replenishing the QT throughout the weekend. I’d also spent the morning cooking my (infamous) North Wales Koi “Kurry” and “Khilli Kon Karne” ready for the hungry hordes on Sunday.


Many thanks to Richard of Richdon Koi

In addition to thanking Dave and Ian, a word of thanks must go to Richard Jones (owner of Richdon Koi) who had painstakingly picked out our 16 Kohaku, (plus a couple of ’spares’ to choose from just in case).

Such was Richard’s enthusiasm for the NWKS G&S he has “Insisted” on judging the competition for us when we measure and photo the Kohaku next year. What a star!

Sunday 22nd 2008

Sunday 22nd arrived and the gale force winds and occasional light showers could not dampen the enthusiasm of some nineteen club members who attended the NWKS Grow & Show. After tucking into the Nosh (Chicken Curry, Chilli, Rice, Pasta & Salad) and downing a few Beers the G&S Picking started in earnest .

Dave and Ian were doing a superb job of netting, bowling, measuring & photographing the Koi. Colin Jones and Dave Evans assisted with the recording and photography and yours truly was the official “Bag man”, with Poly Bags and rubbers bands flying everywhere!
Such was the efficiency and professionalism of this ‘well oiled G&S machine’ that even a power cut caused by the strong winds could not stop them!

Soon all the Kohaku had been viewed, selected, bagged and were on their way to their new homes. One or two members were not able to attend on the day, but I’m pleased to say that they will not be disappointed with their Koi that were picked at the end of the day by the Committee members.
The remaining 16th Kohaku will stay in my QT for growing on & will be a raffle prize later in the year. Certainly worth buying a ticket for.

Everyone one seemed to enjoyed the day, and I look forward to seeing how your Koi turn out. I’d like to personally thank Dave S Wilson, Ian Mooney, Colin Jones and Dave Evans for their efforts on the day, and in the run up to the G&S. Let me know if you have any comments (Good or Bad) about the G&S as we’d like to build on this event and ensure the continued success and growth of the NWKS.

Martin Rocliffe
NWKC Chairman.

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