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A Hard Lesson to Learn

Over the past 8 months or so, I’ve had numerous problems with my Koi getting wounds on them (Peduncle, Nose & Mouth) that would not heal, even with Topical treatment and injections of Antibiotics (10% Baytril and Nuflor). Over time I’d also treated the Pond with Salt, PP, Virkon S and FMG (not all together, and with water changes before you ask!) but still my Koi went downhill.

Added on: February 11th, 2008

Making your Pond ready for Winter

If your pond is unheated, there are a few things you can do to help your Koi through the worst that the winter can throw at them.

I would recommend turning off, any waterfalls or Venturi’s. Filter returns above the water level should extend so that the water returns below the surface. These add cold air, which chills the water. Keep your filter pumps running, but you can turn the UV off. Bacteria levels will reduce in the cold water, but the Koi still excrete ammonia through respiration. Continue to do your filter maintenance and water changes, but this can be done every two weeks. (more…)

Added on: December 10th, 2007

Back Yard Koi Breeding 2

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Added on: November 9th, 2007

Back Yard Koi Breeding 1

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Added on: July 27th, 2007

Richdon Koi BBQ - Saturday 14th July

Dave Wilson and I were lucky enough to go to the Richdon Koi annual BBQ, I was even luckier as Dave volunteered to drive!

The whole day was great success starting tea/coffee reception and a chance to meet with some old pals from the East Midlands KC and other clubs, as well as Donna and Richard Jones. quite a few Koi keepers and their families were setting up tents and caravans when we arrived, as they were stopping for the whole weekend. We had to be away by about 9pm Saturday so we would miss the second day activities which included a Koi auction.In hind sight this was probably a good thing from a point of view of maintaining ‘bank balances in the Black’ (more…)

Added on: July 24th, 2007

Koi thefts, is Microchipping the answer?

BBC News recently contacted the North Wales Koi Club after a spate of thefts in Glamorgan, South Wales. They wanted to know whether any other clubs had been affected by the large scale theft of quality Koi.

Dozens of prize winning Koi were lifted from the South Walian ponds, and Police have advised Koi keepers to up their security measures, as this type of theft is on the increase. They advised keepers to microchip their fish, for security and possible tracking.


Added on: July 7th, 2007

Summer Koi Keeping

Summer is the time that we should be enjoying our Koi, there is nothing to beat sitting by the pond on a warm summer evening
enjoying a cold beer or glass of wine, watching the Koi looking for any morsel that might come their way. (more…)

Added on: June 11th, 2007

Trouble comes in Threes

Have you heard the old proverb “Trouble comes in three’s”? Well I believe it!

Coming out of Winter into Spring, my Koi started to show signs of increased activity and hunger. Still using mainly Wheat germ pellets I gradually increased the frequency of feeding over a period of a couple of weeks. All was going well and the Koi seemed more than happy, until I tested my parameters. The Ammonia was through the roof! I immediately stopped feeding and carried out water changes on a regular basis. I even had to buy a 2 canister water purifier to cope. (more…)

Added on: June 7th, 2007

Bridge over the River Koi

Shade sail and Bridge over the River Koi completedHaving kept Tropical fish since my early teens, I’d wanted to expand my hobby to include a proper Koi pond. Eventually in 2003 my family and I decided to do away with a less than impressive Goldfish pond and flower bed and build a Koi pond. At the same time we wanted to tidy up a tatty corner of our garden. My two youngest kids (Patrick and Caitlin) helped mark our new pond with rope. Our eventual design had to accommodate several obstacles such as a small cherry tree and a conveniently located’ soil pipe running diagonally across the lawn. Budget and ease of construction meant that we were going to build a raised liner pond, so a trench for the concrete collar was dug. (more…)

Added on: April 6th, 2007

Spring Koi Keeping

Spring is just around the corner, when the ‘big thaw’ finally arrives, when the water temperature has reached 10deg C, here are some tips for easing you Koi back into their eating pattern…Using a wheat-germ food, soak the food in some boiled water, that has a spoonful of Honey dissolved in it. (more…)

Added on: February 6th, 2007